Lot No. 2568 Suzani

Lot No 2568 suzani

Central Asia

202 x 165 cm

4th Quarter 20th Cenury

Suzani Textiles and Embroideries are specific styles of antique embroidered textiles produced in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. They are embroidered and then multiple pieces are stitched together. The stitches used are primarily buttonhole, chain and stain. Usually the motifs used are the botah motif and other flowers such as tulips, wild hyacinths and pomegranate blossoms. Suzani derives from the Persian word for needle and to the coverings and embroidered hangings. These embroideries and textiles remain popular with collectors of antique rugs, who prize such pieces for their rich cultural authenticity.

While there is a wide range in styles that might appear in Suzani textiles and embroideries, popular designs tend to incorporate bright floral elements, presented in a traditional manner. The idiosyncratic designs and slight irregularities that frequently appear in Suzani textiles give these pieces a unique level of character, infusing them with an almost modern quality, making them extremely versatile and well-suited for both traditional and modern interiors.

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