Gazwin 02279


Central Persia

181x130cm (Approximately 71.3 X 51.2 inch); Knots: 5 x 5 knots per sq cm. from sh.sameyeh Oriental carpet catalogue page No.105


Antique Kazvin rugs (alternate spelling: Gazvin) : Historically, antique Persian rugs have been woven in a wide array of styles. As an art form of great cultural and national importance, rug-making in Persia has given the world an astonishing variety of examples, each distinct from the last. Among Persian rug styles, the Kazvin or Gazvin is one of the most interesting. Historically, Gazvin rugs or (also called Kazvin rugs) have been produced in an area approximately 90 miles west of Tehran. This was the longstanding and historic origin point of Kazvin rugs until about the early twentieth century; by the 1930’s, this was no longer the case.

These distinct Persian antique rugs are generally characterized by sinuous, curvilinear patterns, with shades of crimson and blue predominating the background, and with a lovely ivory hue employed to create a beautiful contrast. Gazvin or Kazvin rugs and carpets are, generally speaking, mid-sized (or room-sized) pieces, general measuring between four and a half feet and just about nine feet in length. Kazvin rugs use both Persian and Turkish knots and use soft wool in thin, tight piles, making them unique and fascinating antique Oriental rugs.All natural dyes are paramount for the carpet to have more than just decorative value. Beyond that, various dyers had varying levels of skill and invested different lengths of time in dyeing the yarns.  The “quality of color”–its radiance and level of nuance within each color–is centrally important.  Certain rare colors such as Tyrian purple, saffron yellow, cochineal rose and greens add to the carpet’s value

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