Dorokhsh 0006


Northeast Persia

Size: 185 X 122 cm (Approximately 72.8 X 48 inch) from sh.sameyeh Oriental carpet catalogue page No.143;Konts: 6 x 6 =36 knots per sq cm


Persian Dorokhsh Rugs / From khorasan state  c, a town of the Qainat region , East west Persia – Antique Persian rugs range tremendously in style and design, a result of the long and important rug-making tradition that has been part of Persian society for centuries. Almost every region of Persia (which is coterminous with modern day Iran) has its own particular style and method for weaving fine rugs and carpets, and it can be amazing to behold this tremendous range. Among the traditional styles of Persian rugs, one of the most interesting is the Dorokhsh , which is itself a Khorassan style.

Antique Dorokhsh rugs and carpets produced in Dorokhsh in the traditional style are notable for several reasons, and are relatively easily identified based on several different characteristics. this rug design with almond design .All natural dyes are paramount for the carpet to have more than just decorative value. Beyond that, various dyers had varying levels of skill and invested different lengths of time in dyeing the yarns.  The “quality of color”–its radiance and level of nuance within each color–is centrally important.  Certain rare colors such as Tyrian purple, saffron yellow, cochineal rose and greens add to the carpet’s value

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