antique karakashli 16329



Size: 273 x 135 cm (Appro, 107,48 x 53,14 inches. )

Foundation like warp and weft are wool too

Colure. with Natural dyes
rugs belong to Kuba section.
Karaghashli is a group of rugs with large red slanting palmettes on a dark blue ground have been dubbed Karaghashli, after a small town just north of perepedil.
2 large square flowers in the field, reddish red in color and with 6 light green and light red and cream flowers surround these two rectangular bergamots. The turquoise flower is located inside the bergamot and is covered with geometric lines in the shape of birds’ heads.
The string also shows small families of birds that have been separated.2 The S-hook is shown as a long life at the top of the map.
The main border is made of dark blue and indigo andgrass green and light brown in the form of serrated ponds that the wine glass is shown as a symbol of happiness.
2 narrow borders symmetrical in ivory and narrow stripes are borders with flowers and star palettes graceful and colorful cholera.
Faded geometric pattern.

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