263 x 132 ( 103,54 x 51,96 inches )

First quarter of 20th century .

Knots 6 x 6 = 49 knots per Squer centimes

The present of Chelaberd rug the name originating from a village slighly to the south east of chondzoresk.

One of the earliest dated examples known of the Chelaberd group is in the rug in the fisher collection, Virginia Museum of fine arts, Richmond .U.S.A.

The field is divided into three compartments by means of a band usually the three resulting areas are of roughly equal size with one large medallion in each.

In each medallion, 4 eagles can be seen that have their heads glued together and have formed a large medallion.

The beautiful cream colure central border with the 8-feathered flowers is specific to the Chelaberd.

It is often seen in the scaled-down forms of man that the weaver prays to God.

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