International carpet dealer Chemouel Sameyeh born 1938 in Tehran Iran set his career 1960 in Hamburg Germany & 1991 in Singapore with the ambitious aim of establishing the city as the regional center for fine Oriental carpets. His words are backed with finance.

Sameyeh has a collection of tastefully decorated collectable antique Persian, Caucasian, Anatolian Central Asian rugs and carpets, village and master workshop rugs in wool and silk and European tapestries. He also offers his expertise to dealers, insurance, banks, and collectors and taps his international connections for rare old and antique oriental rugs & carpets on his clients’ behalf.
Caucasian carpets are coming back into favor around the world, but 95 per cent of buyers are going to antique older or antique Oriental carpets for collection and investment.

Hand knotted oriental rugs & Carpets over 100 years old, termed antique, are very scarce in the world and are traded between two specialist dealers or connoisseurs, or are sold at auctions. Sameyeh has a business degree from an American University in Teheran and has 55 years’ experience of organizing fine and rare Oriental Rugs , 1971 & 72 exhibition in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Museums , with
(PERSISCHE TEPPICHE ) Catalogue in German language & several times Oriental rugs exhibition sales in Hanover/ Frankfurt Germany , America, Africa, Mexico, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Manila Philippine, China and Singapore.

Sameyeh since 1975 cooperate with most famous auction houses in Europe and Asia. 1981 issue another catalogue (Exceptional oriental rugs) in HAMBURG with German and English language. Sameyeh 1984 has staged special exhibitions for President Bongo of Gabon, the President of Zaire and the President of the Ivory Coast. 1994 issue another oriental rugs catalogue called ( ISLAMIC ART). He has observed that other Asians countries have also developed interest in collectable
oriental rugs and carpets.

This catalogue called (SAMEYEH PRESENT’S HIS COLLECTION) issue on 2015 in Singapore.